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These are the recordings Leo has appeared on with other performers.

Steve Wariner - No More Mr. Nice Guy  Arista records 07822-18814-2 (1996) Leo plays on "Don't Call Me Ray."

Available at

Dave Koz - Off the Beaten Path  Capitol (1996) LK plays on "Awakenings".

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Lyle Lovett - I Love Everybody  MCA 10808 (1994) Leo sings on the title track. Here's a review of this Lovett release.

Big Head Todd & the Monsters - Sister Sweetly  WEA/Warner Bros (1993) Leo plays on "Soul for Every Cowboy."

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Rickie Lee Jones - Traffic From Paradise  Geffen GEFSD 24602 (1993) This is one of Rickie's stronger releases when taken as a whole. [Also check out The Magazine  which is also very good.]
From a Minneapolis Star-Tribune concert review:
-- O t h e r   h i g h l i g h t s in the 95-minute concert included a reading of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel," in which she alternated between being sweet and tender with being tough and aggressive. "Running from Mercy," a song
she cowrote with Minnesota guitarist Leo Kottke for "Traffic from Paradise," was her most tuneful selection of the evening.
    Kottke was in the audience but didn't join her on-stage, he said because beforehand they realized that "they didn't have anything they remembered how to play together." Anyway, this night belonged to Jones.

The picture here is not from Traffic From Paradise  but from The Magazine.  I like this one better. Rickie Lee includes some beautiful pictures of herself in Traffic.

Leo also cowrote "Albatross" on this recording and plays on most every song. Rickie has noted important events in her life and says: "I hear Great Big Boy  by Leo Kottke and I want to write songs."

1994 article in Musician  magazine with LK and Rickie has a discussion of both Peculiaroso  and Traffic From Paradise.

Nancy Griffith - Other Voices, Other Rooms, Elektra 61464 (1993) LK appears on "Wimoweh".

John Gorka - Out of the Valley  High Street Records 72902 10325 (1992)

Well in some ways it's limiting, in other ways it brings songs to life that don't go over too well. I remember Leo Kottke saying there was a song he liked but he stopped playing it in concert because it never got any response. But it was a great song on the record. It was a song I'd learned because I was talking to him about it. It was a song called Sonora's Death Row  - one of my all-time favorite cowboy songs. It was on.. I forget the name of the album - Burnt Lips  or something like that. I saw him at this festival outside of Denver last summer and we started talking about that song, and he asked me if I would do it because I told him I used to perform it... So I quickly wrote the first line of every verse and put it on my notebook, and I was able to do it at the festival later that morning. That was a thrill, to do a song that I learned from a record, and to have the guy who recorded it ask me to do it. - From an interview with Anil Prasad.

Leo plays on "That's Why" and "Furniture".

Lyle Lovett - Joshua Judges Ruth Curb/MCA MCAD-10475 (1992) An article with both Leo and Lyle appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Available at

Larry Long - Troubadour Flying Fish 70528 (1992) Now available from Rounder Records. LK plays on Catfish Rag.

Larry Long - Sweet Thunder Flying Fish 430 (1990) Now available from Rounder Records. Click here to see close up of the cover.

Benjamin Verdery - Some Towns and Cities Newport Classics NPD-85519 (1991)

Garrison Keillor reads Lake Wobegon Days  (1986) Minnesota Public Radio

The Violent Femmes - The Blind Leading The Naked Slash/Warner Bros. 9 25340-1 (1986) Leo plays on "Cold Canyon". Credited on the label as playing "10-string guitar."

cal hand - the wylie butler

Cal Hand - The Wylie Butler Takoma TAK 7056 (1977/out of print) Produced by Leo Kottke with Paul Martinson. This was done by the Minnesota crew - Leo, Cal, Paul Martinson, Tom Mudge, Peter Ostrouschko, etc. Titles and credits. Cal also plays on Dreams and All That Stuff and Ice Water.

There is a Breeze

Michael Johnson - There Is A Breeze Sanskrit Records SR-0762 (1976) LK plays on In Your Eyes.

"There Is A Breeze" is soon to be re-released by a Japanese label. Also, Michael will be releasing it himself as a 2 CD set "The Early Albums" (which includes his first 3 albums).


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