These are the movies/videos/TV and radio shows for which Leo has done the music.

Little Treasure  (1985) Tri Star Pictures (out of print), Director Alan Sharp. Internet Movie Data Base entry. Buy it at Amazon.com.

Days of Heaven  (1979) Pacific Arts PAC-8-168 (out of print) There is very little Kottke music in the final soundtrack. Outakes can be found on the Burnt Lips  album. A very good film by director Terrance Malick. Internet Movie Data Base entry. The album lists LK's contribution as "Enderlin". Click here for Amazon.com entry.

Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid  (AKA Zeisters) (1986) Troma, (never released as a soundtrack) Director John Golden. You can buy the video here. This movie is pretty bad and it may be difficult to sit through for the music. Bruce Head relates "In one concert, Leo called the movie "Fat Boy Goes Nutzoid." I thought he just got the name wrong. But, according to an interview with the director, the movie was going to be called "Fat Boy Goes Nutzoid." Apparently though, there is some musical group called the Fat Boys (or something with Fat Boys in the title), and they objected to the use of the term Fat Boy."

Paul Bunyan  (1990) Rabbit Ears Prod., BMG KIDZ, BMG Music 74041-70780-2, was available on Windham Hill 0717. With Jonathan Winters and Duck Baker. Video may be available at Duffelbag. You can buy the audio cassette at Amazon.com. Leo's music can be found on PJ's Reading Adventures  - three tales featuring PJ, PBS's bouncing bunny, narrated by famous actors and with original music from Herbie Hancock, Leo, and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Also released on a Microsoft-released CD. Leo's contribution is from Paul Bunyan  with Jonathan Winters. The CD was one of the Family Fun Magazine's Software of the Year award winners for 1997 and nominated for the Best Album for Children Grammy in 1991. The Paul Bunyan show was one in a series of children's stories broadcast on public radio, called "Rabbit Ears Radio." Windham Hill records released the CDs and cassettes. The first track includes Jonathon Winter's narration of the story, the remaining tracks are instrumentals, some of which are duets with Duck Baker. Most of the tunes were previously released under different names or have subsequently been released.

Theme from The Rick and Bob Report is from a radio show.

Theme from Doodles is from a PBS children's show.

A Little Snow Starts to Fall Again  (Marcel C. Kahn, 1974) Music by Leo Kottke with Michael Johnson. A skiing promo film. I've seen and heard this and it has a lot of early interpretations of some phrases that later became full releases on albums of the 70's.


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