Kottke has made many appearances on television and video. If you missed any, you may be able to catch them here.

(December 26, 1998)
Television Appearances
(December 13, 2001)


Commercially released films or promotional videos are:

Leo Kottke: Home and Away (1989) Private Music Video 2050-3-P. Out of print.

Short Wave (1988) Promotional video, Private Music

Fingerstyle Guitar: New Explorations & Dimensions, Vol. 1 video. Leo plays Airproofing  and Ice Fields.  Here's a short review.

Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor: The Last Show, (1987) Walt Disney Home Video. VideoFlicks has it.

Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor: 2nd Annual Farewell Performance. You can order the video here or the audio tapes here. Leo plays First to Go.

Three Quarter North (10/30/1986) Promotional video, Private Music. Directed by Gil Evans. LK walks around or lays on the floor playing guitar as the camera pans around. Lot of it in B&W.

Gettin' Back, (1974) Crabtree Films / McCulloch Enterprises, Director: Gary L. Crabtree. This is a music festival where Leo plays one tune. I haven't been able to find out where it may be obtained.

Some of the entertainment pages have film credits including Leo, such as Film Credits on E!

Leo's soundtrack work can be found here.

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Television Appearances

Most of these television appearances have been taped by fans and are floating around via the internet for trading purposes. I am not sure if the Prairie Home Companion video is still in print.

Midnight Special, 1973. Leo plays "Vaseline Machine Gun" so fast your heart goes into an arrhythmia.

Appeared on Rock-Palast (German TV) in Nov. 1977. Rock Palast festival site - in Deutsch.
Leo plays:
Uptempo, Hear the Wind Howl/Busted Bicycle, Buckaroo, Ojo, Eight Miles High, Tennessee Toad, Standing in My Shoes, Bean Time (spelled Been Time/The Fisherman on the credits), Louise, The Scarlatti Rip-off, Mona Ray (labeled as Egg Tooth on the screen), Morning is the Long Way Home, Shadowland, Pamela Brown, Last Team Engine Train/Doc's Guitar/Stealing, Tiny Island, Airproofing, Power Failure, San Antonio Rose/America, the Beautiful/Vaseline Machine Gun - Encore - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring/Jack Fig - Second Encore - Living in the Country.

This is a fun video - the audience is full of hippies and LK's bell-bottom pants look great. LK is using fingerpicks and everything is on 12-string.

Austin City Limits - broadcast on PBS in 1981. Recorded in 1980. LK plays "Louise", "Eight Miles High", and "Pamela Brown".

Live at Bennigan's Tavern- 1983. Minnesota Public Television. Leo plays "Julie's House", "Rings", "Last Steam Engine Train", "Stealing/Airproofing", "Saginaw Michigan", "Jack Fig."

Night Times Variety - 1983. Solo and with Michael Johnson. Michael and Leo perform "Mona Ray". LK plays "Airproofing", "Pamela Brown", and "Part Two". Here's a clip of "Mona Ray" with MJ.

Soundstage - broadcast on PBS in 1983.

A Prairie Home Companion, with Garrison Keillor: The Last Show - broadcast on PBS in 1987.

Austin City Limits - broadcast on PBS in 1988. Recorded in 1987. Songs included "The Late Zone", and "Julie's House".

A Prairie Home Companion, with Garrison Keillor in 1988. LK plays "Mary."

American Music Shop - broadcast on PBS. With Steve Wariner. LK plays "William Powell"  solo, "Everybody Lies"  with Wariner's band, and he and Steve play "Regards From Chuck Pink."

Appeared at the Adelaide Festival on Australian TV in 1990 with Paco Pena, Joe Pass, John Williams. Leo plays "William Powell", "Times Twelve", "I Yell at Traffic", "Regards From Chuck Pink."

Live at the Bottom Line - broadcast as a Japanese television special in 1990. Titles include: William Powell, The Great One, Mona Ray, Rings, Regards From Chuck Pink, Airproofing Two, Jack Gets Up, I Yell At Traffic, Ojo, Medley: June Bug/Train and the Gate/Vaseline Machine Gun

Appeared on PBS with Garrison Keillor on Prairie Home Companion in 1991. Plays "Last Steam Engine Train" with Doc Watson.

Fiesta Texas, The Texas Connection - broadcast on The Nashville Network on June 21, 1993. Plays "Oddball", "Regards From Chuck Pink", "The Room at the Top of the Stairs", "Last Steam Engine Train."

Sessions on West 57th - broadcast on PBS in December, 1997. Leo is interviewed and plays "Airproofing Two", "Deep River Blues", "Peckerwood", "Hear the Wind Howl", "Across the Street"

Austin City Limits - broadcast on PBS in 1993. LK plays "Available Space/June Bug", "Lying in the Arms of Mary", "Oddball", "Woody Woodpecker", "Jesus Maria", "Jack Gets Up", "Times 12"

LK appeared at the end of a CNN show. He was interviewed on a rooftop in New York and played "Vaseline Machine Gun" as the credits roll by. It's the Standing in My Shoes version so must be late 90's.

LK did a commercial for Explore Minnesota. You used to see this a lot on the local stations here in Minnesota. LK drives around in one of those panel vans.

Appeared with Michael Hedges on New Visions broadcast on VH1. Date unknown. LK plays "Skinflint" and "Shortwave" so possibly around the time Regards From Chuck Pink was released.


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