Release Date: 1969
Label: Oblivion
Catalog Number:
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Leo Kottke


Leo Kottke

Track List

  1. If Moma Knew
  2. So Cold In China
  3. Furry Jane
  4. Circle `Round The Sun
  5. Sweet Louise
  6. The Prodigal Grave
  7. Easter In The Sargasso Sea
  8. Sunrise
  9. Living in the Country
  10. Sail Away Ladies
  11. Last Steam Engine Train
  12. You Left Me Standing
  13. Mary Mary

Notes on the songs...


Cover design: Annie Elliott
Recorded live at The Scholar Coffeehouse, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
All songs excepting numbers 3, 4, and 5, side two, © Symposium Music, BMI 1969
Mastering by Sweet Jane Ltd. Dave and Sylvia Ray
Oblivion Recording Company, 247 Cedar Ave. Minneapolis, Minnesota (Obl-S1)

Excluding three instrumentals, this performance was taped live at the Scholar Coffeehouse in Minneapolis, one of the oldest coffeehouses in the country and one of the very few to survive electricity and liquor licenses while maintaining a respectably burdensome debt. Many of the sounds that sometimes characterize performances in the place though are absent from the record-random hummings from the piano when it feels like it, the sound of one or two people who eschewed the door for the plate glass window, and in Kottke's case, bizarre speech noises from the stage between songs (These may be released later in Paoli, Penn.) Despite these "artifacts", coffeehouses and auditoriums are the only places where a guitar player can expect a quiet audience. Still, as in its now distant past for a younger Robert Zimmerman or John Koerner, the Scholar audience is appreciative and quiet.

All Songs by Leo Kottke except Living in the Country by Pete Seeger and Last Steam Engine Train by Sam McGee

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