The last Capital release excluding compilations.

Release Date: 1975
Label: Capitol
Catalog Number: ST-11446
Reissued by One Way Records in 1996

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Leo Kottke, Bill Barber, Bill Peterson, Bill Berg, Jack Smith


Denny Bruce

Track List

  1. Standing on the Outside
  2. Power Failure
  3. Venezuela, There You Go
  4. Don't You Think
  5. Regards From Chuck Pink
  6. Monkey Money
  7. The Scarlatti Rip-Off
  8. Wheels
  9. Grim to the Brim
  10. Rebecca
  11. Trombone
  12. Can't Quite Put it Into Words

Notes on the songs...


Engineer: Paul Martinson
Mastering Engineer:  Bob Berglund
Technical Assistance:  Tom Mudge and David Pelletier
Art Direction: Roy Kohara
Photography: Tom Berthiaume

All songs by L. Kottke except Standing on the Outside by L. Kottke/M. Kottke, Power Failure by G. Brooker/K. Reid, Don't You Think by Marty Robbins, Wheels by Norman Petty and Rebecca by Richard Crandell

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