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Standing on the Outside
Written with LK's wife, Mary. Dropped D tuning.

Power Failure
A Procol Harum song. LK credits this band with introducing him in Europe where he went on tour with them.

Venezuela, There You Go
Tuning is in Open G.

Don't You Think

Regards From Chuck Pink
Played in Standard tuning. Parts of this tune show up in Eggtooth on the two early live albums, My Feet Are Smiling and Live in Europe. a short-order cook at Pink's Hot Dog Stand in Los Angeles. Denny Bruce states the stand was called Pink's and the guy who worked there looked like Chuck Berry, hence
Chuck Pink.

Monkey Money
Played in Standard tuning.

The Scarlatti Rip-Off
I think "The Scarlatti Rip-Off" worked, but in my memory, Chewing Pine was not one of my favorite records.
    This is one song that is very hard to do now, because it was from the era when I was using fingerpicks, and I don't use them anymore. They screwed me up, because I played too hard. As a matter of fact, when I got rid of the fingerpicks, I suddenly had much more access to the "pocket" [the correct, natural feel of the piece]. But it was a real tough transition. There is a kind of muted slap on that tune in one section that I can do, but it is hard to reproduce without picks, especially without a thumbpick. Also that very rolling, rapid arpeggio section is also hard to do without picks, because it is hard to get that fast of a release without them.
    At some point I stopped using the fingerpicks. I suspect that it followed the tendonitis, which was what forced me to get rid of them all together. I was trying for a long time to make the transition away from using them without having to hurt the sound I was getting, or without having to hurt the tendonitis. It was either 1976 or 1978 that I finally got rid of every prop.
[from Anthology liner notes] Dropped D tuning.

Played in Open G tuning.

Grim to the Brim
Played in Open G tuning.

A very pretty tune by Richard Crandell.

Played in Standard tuning.

Can't Quite Put it Into Words
According to LK at a concert, this tune is named after a talk his father gave him on the use of farting in self defense. Played in Open G tuning.

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