Release Date: 2002
Label: Private Music
Catalog Number: 01934-11662-2

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Leo Kottke, Mike Gordon


Leo Kottke, Mike Gordon, Paul duGre

Track List

  1. Arko
  2. Car Carrier Blues
  3. From Pizza Towers to Defeat
  4. Clone
  5. The Collins Missile
  6. Te Veo
  7. Disco
  8. June
  9. I Am A Lonesome Fugitive
  10. Clay
  11. Strange
  12. Middle of the Road
  13. Whip
  14. With



Leo Kottke: guitar, vocals, condor, percussion, cakepan
Mike Gordon: bass, vocals, piano, electric guitar (Fugitive), skull flute, percussion
Produced by Leo Kottke, Mike Gordon and Paul duGre
Recorded by Paul duGre in Burbank, CA
Mixed by David Z of American Recording Company, Calabasas, CA
Assistant Mixing Engineer: Bill Cooper
Mastered by Hank Williams at MasterMix, Nashville, TN
A&R Direction: Lare Hamby, Patrick Clifford
Leo Kottke management by Chuck Morris Entertainment: Chuck Morris, Jan Martin
Mike Gordon management by Dionysian Productions: John Paluska, Jason Colton, Beth Montuori, Megan Criss
Mike Gordon appears courtesy of Elektra Records
Photography: Michael Wilson, Mike Gordon
Cover and package design: Christopher Carroll

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