The cover of "Dreams" was spontaneous. Leo was posed on a couch in John Van Hamersveld's studio. A friend put on the mask and Leo laughed and there's your shot, airbrushed over a photo of Monument Valley, Utah that Van Hamersveld took.

Release Date: 1974
Label: Capitol
Catalog Number: ST-11335
Reissued by One Way Records in 1996

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Leo Kottke, Bill Peterson, Bill Berg, Bill Peterson,
Jack Smith, Herb Pilhofer, Cal Hand, Mike Johnson (This is Michael Johnson who had a couple top 40 hits, one of which was "Bluer Than Blue")


Denny Bruce

Track List

  1. Mona Ray [3:43]
  2. When Shrimps Learn to Whistle [3:33]
  3. Twilight Property [3:15]
  4. Bill Cheatham [1:51]
  5. Vertical Trees [2:41]
  6. Medley: [2:10]
    a. San Antonio Rose
    b.America, the Beautiful
  7. Constant Traveler [3:44]
  8. Why Ask Why? [2:15]
  9. Taking a Sandwich to a Feast [2:49]
  10. Hole in the Day [2:55]
  11. Mona Roy [1:51]

Notes on the songs...


All songs by Leo Kottke except Bill Cheatham, Traditional, Why Ask Why? by Norman Gimbel/Ken Lauber, Ensign Music Corp. (BMI), San Antonio Rose by Bob Wills/Ward Bates, Bourne Co. (ASCAP)
Engineer:  Shorty Martinson
Mastering Engineer:  Bob Berglund
Recorded at Sound 80, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Album Design and Photography by John Van Hamersveld
All Leo Kottke tunes are published by Overdrive Music, Inc.

Herb Pihofer, piano on Why Ask Why?
Jack "Birthday Party" Smith, piano on Mona Roy

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