Release Date: 1995
Label: On The Spot
Catalog Number: 2132

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Leo Kottke


Paul duGre, Leo Kottke

Track List

  1. William Powell
  2. The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
  3. Airproofing
  4. Jack Gets Up
  5. "Combat"
  6. Peg Leg
  7. Twilight Time
  8. Bean Time
  9. "Roy Autry"
  10. Parade
  11. I Yell at Traffic
  12. Flattened Brain
  13. Little Martha
  14. Oddball
  15. Arms of Mary

Notes on the songs...


All songs written by Leo Kottke, ©Round Wound Sound, Inc, administered by BUG Music (ASCAP), except "Room At The Top Of The Stairs," written by Randall Hylton, ©Paul Craft Music, Inc. c/o Copyright Management, Inc. (BMI); "Twilight Time," written by Buck Ram, Morty Nevins and Al Nevins, ©TRO-Devon Music, Inc. (BMI); "Little Martha," written by Duane Allman, ©Unichappell, Inc. (BMI); and, "Arms of Mary," written by Ian Sutherland, ©Chrysalis Music (ASCAP).

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