After three releases on obscure labels such as Takoma, Oblivion and Symposium, Kottke lands on a major label - Capital.

Release Date: 1971
Label: Capitol
Catalog Number: ST-682
Reissued by BGO Records in 1990 (BGO CD101) and by One Way Records in 1995.

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Leo Kottke, Roy Estrada, Paul Lagos, Larry Taylor, Kenny Buttrey, John Harris, Juke Box Phantom, Pat Smith, Jeffrey Kaplan, Wayne Moss


Denny Bruce, (John Fahey?)

Track List

  1. Cripple Creek [1:59]
  2. Eight Miles High [3:35]
  3. June Bug [ 2:15]
  4. The Ice Miner [2:00]
  5. Bumblebee [3:40]
  6. Stealing [1:38]
  7. Monkey Lust [1:49]
  8. Poor Boy [2:06]
  9. Lullaby [3:20]
  10. Machine No. 2 [3:01]
  11. Hear the Wind Howl [2:59]
  12. Bouree [1:26]
  13. Room 8 [2:59]
  14. Standing In My Shoes [3:11]

Notes on the songs...


Design and Photographs by John Van Hamersveld.

Cover photo taken from the Mt. Wilson Observatory Parking Lot - southwest view above Los Angeles, January 10, 1971.

Produced by Denny Bruce and John Fahey
Takoma Productions
P.O. Box 5403, Santa Monica, Calif. 90405
Recorded at the Sound Factory, Hollywood, Calif.
Engineer:  Dave Hassinger

All songs by Leo Kottke except: Cripple Creek (traditional; arranged by Leo Kottke), Eight Miles High (McGuinn, Crosby, and G. Clark), Monkey Lust (Kottke, Fowley), Poor Boy (Fahey, White), Bourée  (J.S. Bach - arranged by Leo Kottke), Standing in my shoes (Kottke, Bruce)

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