Release Date: 1989
Label: Private Music
Catalog Number: 2050-1-P

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Leo Kottke, David Hidalgo, Jim Keltner,
T Bone Burnett, David Miner, Edgar Meyer,
Michael Blair, Jerry Douglas, Charlie Shoemaker


T Bone Burnett

Track List

  1. Times Twelve [3:25]
  2. Everybody Lies [2:51]
  3. B.J. [3:33]
  4. Why Can't You Fix My Car [2:27]
  5. Theme From "Rick And Bob Report" [2:32]
  6. My Aunt Francis [4:40]
  7. William Powell [4:59]
  8. Back In Buffalo [3:04]
  9. Mona Ray [2:24]
  10. Jack Gets Up [4:15]
  11. Doorbell [4:59]

Notes on the songs...


Recorded and Mixed by Rik Pekkonen.
Assistant engineer -- Stacy Baird, Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood.
Percussion recorded at Polar Studios, Stockholm by Gundars Rullis and Erik Olhester.
Additional recording by Paul Martinson at 74th St. Studio, Minneapolis.

Leo Kottke: Acoustic Guitars, Vocals.
David Hidalgo: Fender Six, Eight String, Harmony vocals.
Jim Keltner: Drums, Percussion on "Back In Buffalo" and "The Rick and Bob Report".
T Bone Burnett: Fender 12, Hammond b-3.
David Miner: Four and Five String Electric Bass.
Edgar Meyer: Acoustic Bass.
Michael Blair: Marimba, Glockenspiel, Fairchild, Tympani, Hand Drum, Shakers, Tubular-bells, etc.,
Jerry Douglas: Dobro
Charlie Shoemaker: Vibraphone

David Hidalgo appears courtesy of Slash Records.
T Bone Burnett appears courtesy of Columbia Records.
Edgar Meyer & Jerry Douglas appears courtesy of MCA Master Series.

All songs written by Leo Kottke.
Published by ©Round Wound Sound, Inc./ASCAP.
Administered worldwide by BUG Music except The Theme from "The Rick and Bob Report", published by © Marilor Music/ASCAP

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